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Gold Tael (TAEL) is an application-agnostic money on the EOS blockchain. It has a circulating and max supply of 21 million which is the same as Bitcoin’s max supply. It is a general money that can be used in any kind of decentralized or hybrid on-chain/off-chain application. Gold Tael was created by software developer Anthony Vipond because he initially wanted a native money to be used within the Coinflyer exchange as a vote multiplier for coin listings and paying for various services that Coinflyer provides. Furthermore, he wanted a way to use his personal EOS holdings to distribute CPU and NET to other accounts that held TAEL and needed these EOS resources. More details on this will be provided below. In summary, we want to create a general and non-inflationary money that could be used in a range of applications created by our company. We also want to enable third-party applications such as games to integrate a cryptocurrency-based money token into their game and will be providing them with TAEL and technical support as an incentive to do so. We see this as a win-win relationship between app developers that wish to upgrade to cryptocurrency based tokens, and holders of TAEL that are looking for more and more utility for their tokens.


Gold Tael
6 decimals
Blockchain Link















Gold Tael (TAEL)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Max Supply 21,000,000 21,000,000
Platform EOS Bitcoin Core
Transactions per second 17,000 7
Average tx fee free $0.50 - $5
Incentives for holding
Wait time for confirmed transaction 21 Confirmations
~ 1 Minute
3 Confirmations
~ 5 Minutes
Full time staff to develop it


Anthony Vipond

CEO & Founder

Anthony was the lead developer and a founding team member of LoyalCoin, which was the first ICO from the Philippines. He is well-known within the Philippines crypto community as a blockchain evangelist. Prior to LoyalCoin, Anthony worked as a freelance Ethereum developer. From 2014-2015, Anthony served as the lead developer of, which is one of the world's most popular real-estate websites.

Yasir Iqbal

Chief Technical Officer

Yasir has a master’s degree in Information Technology at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University. He has been actively engaged in the blockchain industry for three years now. He previously worked as a senior developer at SyncFab and is now leading the technology team at Coinflyer. Yasir has extensive experience working with many blockchains and has performed code audits for many well-known tokens. Yasir is also a senior systems administrator and is in charge of the security of the systems, along with Anthony.


Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Dheeraj graduated at Vallabh Government College with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Application. He has great skills in full stack development.


Web Developer

Dizza was an early employee of Winterwind and has worked on many projects since its inception, including being one of the main developers of Coinflyer. She is a very strong front-end developer who has a reputation for being reliable with consistent output. She cares a lot about the clients needs and is an excellent communicator. Dizza is very young and improving every day so expect her to get better and better while working on your project.


UI Designer


Philippines Sales


Blockchain Developer


Web Developer


Web Developer


Philippines Sales




Senior Full-Stack Web Developer


Intermediate Full-Stack Web Developer


Intermediate Full-Stack Web Developer


Logo & Web Designer


Senior Front-end Developer


Full Stack Web Developer


Samuel Joseph

EOS Ambassador based in Nigeria. Well known within the EOS community as a blockchain evangelist. He does many speaking events in Nigeria to spread awareness about the benefits of the EOS blockchain. Advises Coinflyer on how to further integrate EOS into its services and support tokens built on the EOS blockchain. Sam further helps Coinflyer get more traction within the African content and abroad.


EJ Divine

Pro Gamer
EJ Gaming

EJ Guibone is a popular livestream gamer from the Philippines who is also an active cryptocurrency investor and promoter. EJ's funny and outgoing style has attracted many fans to follow his livestream. He commonly plays DOTA2 and PubG. EJ keeps a Gold Tael watermark and link to GoldTael's website in his livestream to spread awareness of TAEL. EJ was very happy to join the Gold Tael family and is excited about being paid in TAEL, which he is bullish on. EJ is well-connected in the Philippines and is part of a large group of Filipinos that are earning their living online through their online business and via cryptocurrency investing.

Boss Killa

Pro Gamer
Boss Killa

Boss Killa is a Filipino “Professional Programmer, Multimedia and Graphic Designer turned Facebook Full-time Live Streamer” as he loves playing online games since he was a kid. He usually plays all the latest and in-demand online games but he mainly plays the PUBG Mobile. His good sense of humor and benevolent attitude draws the attention of his viewers as he quotes all their favorite vines every day. He is also good at making connections towards his viewers that makes it easier to introduce them into crypto-currency which is Gold Tael, his first official sponsor. He was very grateful and looking forward to the future further collaboration with Gold Tael.

Majesty Amazona

Pro Gamer
Majesty Amazona

Majesty Amazon is a very popular gamer from the Philippines with over 50,000 likes. He commonly plays PUBG, GTA and Mobile Legends. He has funny and entertaining content which his subscribers eat up. He sometimes plays with his son, XenXen, and he often talks about the great potential of Gold Tael with his subscribers during the stream. He is a great ambassador for Gold Tael and we look forward to partnering with him in the long-term.



Tael Balance: 132.13

99% percent of digital games today that record points/gold/tokens for users, whether they are console, computer or mobile-based, use centralized databases to maintain these balances. The result is very unimpressive. Users usually cannot transfer their gold to each other in the game, if so, they can only do so throughout the game’s controlled interfaces. The game creator can put a stop to this transfer functionality at any time. In hybrid blockchain games, the user may store their token on the game (similar to storing a token with an exchange) but can withdraw it at any time, taking back full control of their currency. The game may require the gamer to deposit the token with them in order to facilitate certain actions in the game, such as purchasing items, but if this is true then the game studio is likely already “crypto friendly” since they are already integrating with a blockchain, and would surely support their users to withdraw the tokens from the game and into their decentralized, external wallets, as this is part of the design of their game. Coinflyer will be providing an API for these game studios to easily integrate with in order to allow them to integrate TAEL into their game. They do not need to manage any blockchain code to integrate with TAEL, they simply need to interface with an API from Coinflyer which allows them to integrate TAEL into their game. The users will be able to withdraw from the game into their Coinflyer wallets, and from there can withdraw to any EOS wallet of their choice.


We see Gold Tael being used in decentralized games for many of the same reasons it will be used in hybrid games. Since gold has been used as a money for thousands of years, games that are set in the past often use gold as the in game currency or point system, and we do not foresee this ever changing. Decentralized games will become bigger and bigger in 2019, as gamers begin to see the advantage of owning fungible or non-fungible tokens (unique items) in games as opposed to centralized points and in-game items. When users earn Gold Tael within a decentralized game, they can sell it on exchanges, send it to their friends, or use it in other applications that also use Gold Tael. Millions of dollars were made from gaming companies selling “in-game” items in 2018, leaving the players with nothing to show for their purchase except for momentary pleasure within the game. The situation is not the same with earning Gold Tael or NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) within decentralized games. With crypto-assets, they maintain full control and ownership over their token, and they can do with it as they wish, selling it, trading it, or simply holding on to it as a speculative investment.


Contribute to ICO
Pay For Listing Fees
Vote Multiplier
Free Trading Fees for Holders

Coinflyer is a crypto exchange created by the same team that made Gold Tael. We decided that we would like our own token to integrate into the website and knew that we wanted it to be an asset on the EOS blockchain. Gold Tael will be the official currency used on the Coinflyer exchange. Coinflyer offers a number of services such as airdrops for tokens that wish to raise awareness, and publishing bounty instructions. These fees will be charged in TAEL. We also have an ICO tool and allow companies to host their ICO directly on Coinflyer, accepting a range of different currencies, such as BTC, EOS, XLM and more. We will be adding TAEL to this list of payment options on all ICOs that we host on the site. Finally, every month Coinflyer will host the “Coin of the Month” competition, where users can vote up to 50 times for their favorite coin. Supposing they did not hold any TAEL in their Coinflyer wallet, they would only be able to vote once per day. However, they can add one vote (up to 50) for each 10 TAEL that they own. So if they held 500 TAEL, they would be able to vote 50 times per day. As Coinflyer adds more features over time, TAEL will undoubtedly see more and more activity within the site.

Contribute to ICO
Pay For Listing Fees
Vote Multiplier
Free Trading Fees for Holders


One of the main goals of TAEL is that it is used as a generic money that can be used for day to day transactions. It can also be held onto as an inflation-protected crypto-asset. TAEL is different from EOS in that there is no inflation in its supply. There will be 21 million TAEL upon its genesis and the amount will never and can never exceed from 21 million. It is similar to Bitcoin in this way, with an equal amount of supply. TAEL supports up to 6 decimal points, so paying in fractions for low value items is not an issue. Because TAEL is built upon EOS, sending TAEL from one user to another on-chain is completely free. The same cannot be said for Bitcoin or Ethereum. All the user needs is to have enough CPU to process this transaction. The next section will outline why TAEL users in general will not need to worry about not having CPU as TAEL has special features where their accounts will freely receive CPU simply by holding enough of the token.

Free CPU and NET for holders

Gold Tael will be the first token on EOS that will get free CPU and NET delivered to its holders. If your account meets certain conditions, Coinflyer will use its extra CPU and NET to deliver to your account, absolutely free for you. There are just a few conditions your account needs to meet to ensure that it always has enough CPU and NET in order to make transactions on the EOS network. First of all, your account must have at least 100 TAEL tokens. Secondly, you must have made at least one “active” transaction within the last month. Examples of transactions include sending EOS or an EOS based token, staking, voting and more. We do not count passive transactions such as receiving airdrops. Thirdly, if you already have enough CPU/NET on your account to make a few transactions, our bot will pass you over as you won’t be deemed “in need”. These are the only requirements to receive free CPU and NET. Our bot will attempt to give CPU and NET to all accounts meeting these conditions, however there is the chance that we will run out. Therefore, the bot will start crediting these resources starting from the accounts that have the most TAEL tokens down to the accounts that only hold the minimum to be considered (100 TAEL). Therefore, hold as many TAEL tokens as you can to give yourself the best chance of receiving these free resources.


Coinflyer Blockchain is a software development agency that focuses on blockchain development. A large portion of our work is doing EOS development for third-parties, however we do work for other blockchains as well. In order to purchase development services from this agency, the user will need to pay in TAEL tokens. If our customers do not have TAEL tokens, we will provide them an easy to acquire them on the Coinflyer site. Coinflyer will provide an EOS-TAEL order book where clients can easily send in their EOS and trade for TAEL tokens. If they do not have any EOS, we will allow them to purchase TAEL with a bank or wire transfer.


The team at Gold Tael will provide a hourly wage in TAEL tokens to selected livestreamers to support them to making a living providing gaming entertainment online. This helps supplement their income and also gives them an income in EOS tokens, which helps raise awareness about the EOS blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. To help Gold Tael get more traction and awareness within the gaming industry, our team will be paying selected live streamers a negotiated rate in Tael for each hour that they stream. They will be required to maintain the Gold Tael logo and domain name as a watermark in the bottom of their feeds. They will also be part of the Gold Tael team and will be ambassadors for the brand. They may sometimes earn extra TAEL by doing other promotions such as making posts to their followers or otherwise helping us increase the reach of our marketing campaigns.